Cows for sale through the Utah County Sheriff's Office

2022-06-25 05:14:12 By : Ms. Shirley Zhu

UTAH COUNTY, Utah — Have you ever dreamed about getting a cow? Well now may be your chance. The Utah County Sheriff's Office has seven cows up for auction.

"Lightning McQueen," "Nick Fury," or "Cow-abunga," could be yours if you participate in the auction that starts on Saturday, June 25.

The Sheriff's Office says six of the cows were seized from a case last year and the owners relinquished their rights to the animals to the Sheriff's office and now it's time to find forever homes for the animals.

The seventh cow was found wandering around in the Payson/Benjamin area, the Sheriff's Office explained.

Of the seven cows, five of them are males and two are females.

The "sealed bid" auction begins on Saturday, June 25 and closes on Tuesday, July 5 at noon.

Bids will be accepted at the Utah County Sheriff's Office or at the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter and all bids have to be in sealed envelopes in order to be accepted.

If you'd like to bid, put your name, phone number, amount you're bidding and which cow you'd like in the envelope.

The winner will be contacted by the Utah County Sheriff's Office.